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I am also reviewing some other products for detoxification. These products should all be considered as detoxification products, because they all have some detoxification benefits.

For many detoxification products, I am reviewing the benefits they offer on a "whole body" scale. For this review, I am using the same scale that I use on my detoxification products. The "whole body" scale is based on the following principles: 1) The total amount of the ingredients in a product must be within a specific range. This means that if you have some laxatives in your product, but a few of the ingredients are stimulants and the rest are anti-oxidants, it is not a good idea to use the product in this situation. 2) This should not happen to everyone. When I was in my residency program, I would sometimes write down the ingredients on the bottle before I would put a product in the bottle and they would be "wrong". For example, I was writing down ingredients for a product to give to my brother in law to use, but when he put it in his cupboard, it was not what he expected. After he came to see me, I had to explain that he should not put that in his body because it might affect his liver and cause problems.

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